The past year or so has been unexpected, to say the least. I've gone from total obscurity to a kind of prolonged 15-minutes of fame thanks to a handful of YouTube videos that managed to find an audience. I'm grateful it happened, of course - it's afforded me several opportunities that otherwise would never have passed my way. I'm getting offers from people and places that seemed impossible a year ago. I don't know precisely where I am on this 15-minute timeline, but I'm trying to do my best with whatever time is left.

I decided to start this website back up to provide a digital refuge for myself. It'll be a place to easily market products, write some stuff, and if (when) the times comes, a place to communicate to you all in an unfiltered and unedited way, should controversy or some other need arise.

The more I'm approached by big studios and companies, the more I realize the importance of having a place like this. No agents, no PR team, no middlemen. Just you and me. You might not always like what I have to say. You might not always understand why I say it. It is my hope, however, that you'll at least imagine me complexly, as I promise to imagine you. 

- Austin

Gregory McConnell